Project visibility and progress performance is so much more than a short update via email. More importantly, it plays a crucial role in project success and alignment between property owners, contactors, supervisors and managers.

We recognize that there are several different starting points for architectural and engineering firms seeking to improve and establish client’s interaction with their businesses.

At ARENCOS we believe making the move should be a natural progression – an evolution of the way we interact and communicate with clients. Through we are working hard to create seamless, convenient and engaging customer journeys.

We sharing with our clients some important data about their project’s progress but we also respect and protect their sensitive data. uses the Advanced Encryption Standard with a key size of 256 bits (AES-256). This algorithm works in the CCM (Counter with CBC-MAC) mode. AES is the recommended standard for modern data encryption.

We deliver measurable
results & provide pragmatic help to property owners ensures project owners have a clear picture of the project progress, performance, including potential risks, distribution of responsibilities, and the overall project goals. It also enables project managers to uncover potential bottlenecks and other risks that may have a negative impact on project efficiency.

Furthermore, via, we are providing project owners with visibility into works and project progress, secure alignment and add an element of accountability. Seeing in real-time how project is progressing allows transparency and enables effective decision-making.

With you can learn:

  • The work that’s been completed
  • Real-time data
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Gantt timelines
  • Time Tracking
  • Status Reports
  • The summary of the project budget and schedule
  • A list of action items
  • Any issues and risks, and what’s being done about them
arencos me. - track your project performance